domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

Marionetas de fieltro: Halloween!

Todavía se respira Halloween... "truco o trato"...
Me puse manos a la obra y primero llegó Cleopatra, la bruja simpática de pelo verde y
siguiéndola de cerca, Cornelius el brujo amigo, apareció.

Ha sido realmente entretenido y mágico!

Pasito a pasito
Cleopatra y Cornelius

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  1. Karumina, que preciosos y simpáticos te han quedado Cornelius y Cleopatra,con sus capas y todo tan elegantes!!!

    Feliz semana!!

    1. Gracias Kat! Y tu, también disfruta de la semana...

  2. Hi

    Cleopatra and Cornelius are lovely. Love the large white collars!
    I have always been impressed with your creativity and limitless imagination in your art pieces. I'm sure you've sent some of your works to the Bologna Children's Book Fair. One of my best friends is an artist and she is drawing for picture books. Your works always remind me of her. Cheers!

    1. Hi Sapphire!

      I am very happy that you like and enjoy the things that I think!. For me it is wonderful to know that they make people happy.

      The truth is that I've always liked to draw and last year decided to jump into the world of illustration.

      I have written and illustrated two children's books. Are registered and now I hope to find a publisher who wants to edit. Is very difficult. Not want to risk! do not understand them ...

      Last fair of book, in Frankfurt, a British agency had some illustrations mine but to no avail.
      Now, they have asked me to print one of my books and they presented in Bologna.

      Everything is very very slow. And in Spain, the editors "do not respond" not even a formal response, even to say no ...

      So when I see you like my stuff and make visits ... your words make me very very happy!

      Best regards

  3. "Now, they have asked me to print one of my books and they presented in Bologna" Oh really wonderful!
    Yes. "Everything is very very slow" not only in Spain but also in other countries, including Japan. You are really talented so "Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down!" ←from It's My Life(Bon Jovi). I'm sure your picture books will be published when you meet the right publisher!! God Speed!!

    1. Oh! Sapphire... domo arigato for your kind and warm words, give me much encouragement ... I sometimes think that I do seems invisible to the world ...
      I'm very grateful.
      I wish you well and that you spend a good weekend!

      Best regards


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